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We help you generate conversions through words and SEO best practices.

You know you want to increase traffic to your website.

You might already know most of the basics when it comes to SEO, but you have no time to create your content or optimize it yourself.

That’s where Be My Content comes in.

sara fernández carmona copywriter and content marketing strategist

Content Marketing Strategies at Your Service

Be My Content is a Content Marketing and SEO agency from Barcelona. We specialize in creating a targeted Content Strategy that is aligned with your clients’ needs.

We offer copywriting services in Spanish and Catalan, content management, content strategy, translation and on-page SEO services to startups, SaaS products and corporations.

Our main goal is to help you connect with your audience, build trust and help you achieve the conversions that you deserve.

In order to ensure your success, we’ll also share some of our best resources with you completely for free. Yes, without the small print.

We strongly believe that education should be free for everyone, and we want to help encourage collective learning within the digital sphere no matter your background or expertise.

Together we will craft a framework that empowers your brand across the entire customer’s journey.

Sara Fernández Carmona

Founder & Content Strategist

I am a copywriter, content strategist and SEO consultant based in Barcelona, with experience in competitive niches like iGaming, pharmaceutical ecommerce and elearning platforms, as well as with different startups which have helped me grow as a professional.

I created Be My Content to help business leaders accelerate their growth with effective, engaging, clear and optimized content.

If you want to speak to me about your project and want some inspiration, feel free to contact me via email or add me on LinkedIn. It will be a pleasure to help you!

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